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2016 Moon Time Diary

2016 Moon Time Diary
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Moontime Diary ~ The Number One Lunar Calendar Journal for Australia

Take advantage of the moons influence on your life and well being

The Moontime Diary, a moon calendar journal is a beautiful bright n' sturdy companion which provides an abundance of invaluable practical tips regarding health and beauty, home and garden, Astrology, Pagan Observances, New Age and traditional knowledge.

The introduction explains how the moon influences your well being and your surroundings. Best times are provided for a wide range of activities from gardening, haircuts, dentist appointments and moving house to planning your finances and improving your home environment.

Throughout the year you always know the exact position and phase of the moon, equinoxes, solstices, other seasonal markers and Australian holidays. Practical tips every day make it easy to fine tune your activities and appointments to the moon and get great results. Like the fishermen, they take the tide out instead of struggling against it.

The Moontime Diary is an invaluable tool for lay persons and professionals who want to be more efficient and organized in their daily life. It helps you understand seasonal energies and guides you to use these energies to your best advantage. The result is a healthier and more relaxed life style.
The Moontime Diary® is beautifully illustrated, full of practical information and resilient. It features all the diary essentials plus

•    An Introduction on ‘How to fine tune to the Moon’
•    Best Times for Health, Beauty, Home and Garden Treatments
•    Daily Moon Position and Phases and Practical Tips
•    Daily Planetary Aspects plus Aspect Interpretations
•    Beautiful full color Zodiac Illustrations by Johfra
•    Gisela’s Weekly Astro Forecast
•    Monthly Planetary Tables
•    Gardening by the Moon
•    Pagan Observances
•    Detailed Astrological Affinity Table
•    Crystal Cleansing and Programming and much more…

The Moontime Diary helps you understand seasonal energies and inspires you to use these energies to your best advantage. It is an invaluable tool for lay persons and professionals interested in health and fitness, home, gardening, Astrology, pagan, traditional and New Age knowledge, crystals and more …

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