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The Elements - 2 Day Signature Program

The Elements - 2 Day Signature Program
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Everything that has been created came into being through the effects of the elements. This literally means everything, on all levels, from the Macrocosm (planets, moons, stars, and galaxies) right into the Microcosm (protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms, and molecules). These elemental energies are so profoundly important.
And the middle ground is our own perception and outlook.
Why Learn About The Elements?
The Elements are the absolute basics of energy manifestation. A mastership of the Elements, through meditation (relaxation), concentration (focus) and visualisation (imagination) will advance your atunement to ALL life through awakening your higher senese and creative abilities.
By simply breathing in a particular Element and really feeling and appreciating its creative energies you will begin to transform your whole awareness. By continued practice of drawing in, absorbing and releasing the Elemental energies you will naturally gain an understanding and communication with the nature of all things. This understanding is an inherent part of our spiritual progress and gives us the foundation for inner emotional balance.
An awareness of the Elements also provide us with the keys to energy. Through simple visualisations we can be connected to all things. We can literally become these elemental energies, because these same elements are what our physical body is made of. Everything created has a life force, therefore our consciousness may penetrate and reside within any living substance. It is like having an out of body experience in a controlled journey into another world.
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